So how does the Derek/Stiles relationship relate to your friendship with Tyler Hoechlin?

I love the Derek and Stiles dynamic, and as soon as I read that episode, we were so excited to shoot it! But the dynamic in real life… it’s totally different, but it’s funny! We always describe it like me and Tyler are Chandler and Joey from Friends, and Tyler Hoechlin is Richard- you know what I mean? So we’re just infatuated with the guy, and we have so much love for him, and he kinda just rolls his eyes all the time at our 19-year-old knuckleheaded-ness! But he loves us too, man. So we’re buddies. And we’re both big baseball guys, so I have all my big sports talks with Hoechlin. - Dylan (2011)

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Imagine Dean Being Soft & Gentle




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Warnings: Sleepy Dean


Dean notices your twisted frame on the couch, a book folded on your chest and a “Supernatural Wiki” page open on the computer next to you. He smiles softly, shaking his head.

You always did work yourself so hard.

He strides…


help me what have I done

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Dad: ...
Me: aaargh...
Dad: ...
Me: the feels...
Dad: oh, come on!
Me: what?
Dad: why aren't they kissing?!
Me: What?!
Dad: trench coat man and beautiful car dude, why aren't they kissing! I mean, look at them! There is a fucking big amount of eye sex here, so why aren't they kissing! Oh, wonderul, now he is killing cool car dude! Wait, is the redhaired bitch controlling blue eyed man?! This freaking whore, why is she doing this!
Me: dad...
Dad: He just told Blue eyes that he needs him! It's like saying I love you! Come on kiss! JUST FUCKING KISS! WHY AREN'T THEY KISSING?! OH, AND NOW THE EPISODE IS OVER, GREAT! FUCK THIS, PLEASE TELL ME THEY'RE GOING TO KISS.
Me: no, they are not going to kiss but...


When your friend is being completely ridiculous in public.



There’s no place like home.

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"Leaving your vessel is not the aswer, stop being a baby!"

I have been procrastinating your requests guys, sorry for that…


I’m sorry


I’m sorry


when did potatoes learn how to run

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what the fuck

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